Dr. Miller is proud to offer services for athletes, coaches, and performers of all ages and abilities including the following:

• Goal Setting • Self-Talk • Improved Communication
• Relaxation Techniques • Over-Training/ Burnout • Leadership Development
• Visualization • Stress Management • Coach Efficiency
• Motivation Improvement • Anxiety Management • Improved practice and game mental preparation
• Focus and Refocusing • Group Dynamics • Mental Block Strategies
• Developing Mental Toughness • Team Cohesiveness/Team-Building  


Private one on one appointment with athletes, coaches, and performers are personalized to meet clients’ specific needs. For example, an initial appointment with a client usually last an hour and is a starting point to collaborate with on personal goals, strategies for improvement, and performance outcomes.

Team and Group

Team and group sessions are available and are suitable for a wide variety of team sports and performer groups including businesses seeking to improve group cohesiveness and efficiency. Programs are intended to not only assess group and team dynamics but execute appropriate performance enhancement techniques and interventions that might aid in overall group dynamics and efficiency.